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As recently noted in Marie Claire magazine when discussing bad medicine and bad medicinal practice… “Because Florida (as well as several other states) does not require doctors to carry medical malpractice insurance and the Homestead Exception protects their homes (physician’s homes) from collection on liability settlements – it’s really the perfect place for the less scrupulous medical provider to come and take advantage.”

– Marie Claire Special Report by Gretchen Voss.

When you seek professional help to get healthy—and you end up with a serious injury or medical problem; your world may be shattered. These types of claims are often complex, stressful, and emotionally draining, but we take the reins and guide you expertly and compassionately through the process.

Stratigakos Law offers assistance with medical malpractice cases in the Tampa Bay area.

Medical Accountability

Rather than only dealing with medical malpractice cases as they arise, we strive to improve the overall state of the medical industry in relation to its standards and practices.

Much like the ideal physician seeks to treat the cause of a disorder, rather than just the symptoms, we seek to treat the true cause of medical malpractice cases.

We believe in the idea of medical accountability.

medical-malpractice lawyer tampaMedical Malpractice Lawyer Tampa, FL

We are dedicated to improving healthcare by holding hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers accountable to the highest standard of care.  Anything less for our community would be unacceptable.  Our families’ medical health should be an utmost priority in our community and therefore needs to be monitored, maintained, and when necessary, improved upon.

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