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Florida is home to almost 22 million registered vehicles.

Unfortunately, this huge number of vehicles has also led to a rise in the number of road crashes in the state. In the first half of 2019 alone, 198,313 vehicle crashes occurred in the Sunshine State. Almost two-thirds of those crashes (126,249 cases) resulted in injuries.

If you’ve been in such an incident, you may be wondering if you need to hire a car accident attorney in Florida. You may be thinking that your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance will take care of you.

It should, but only up to the limits of your coverage. Also, there are other cases wherein it’s better to seek the help of an auto accident attorney in Florida.

We’ll go over these situations below, so be sure to keep reading!

A Quick Overview of Florida’s “No-Fault” System

Florida requires all car owners to have personal injury protection. PIP is a requirement in all no-fault states. It provides coverage regardless of who caused the accident.

In the Sunshine State, the minimum PIP coverage is $10,000. This should cover up to 80% of your medical expenses. It may also pay up to 60% of wages you may have lost due to an injury caused by the accident.

Florida also requires property damage liability of no less than $10,000. This is the part of your coverage that should pay for car repairs (up to your policy’s limits).

Because of this no-fault system, you aren’t required to hire a lawyer. So long as you have car insurance, then you should get covered for your medical bills and car repairs. It should also pay for some of the wages you’ve lost in case you couldn’t get to work due to a serious injury.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a car accident attorney in FL anymore. Hiring one can help make sure you receive fair compensation ASAP. Having a lawyer also ensures you receive all the benefits you’re eligible for.

It’s even more important to have a lawyer by your side if you find yourself in any of the following situations.

Your Car Insurance Company is Disputing or Has Denied Your Claim

Florida’s no-fault system does make it easier to receive compensation after an accident. However, this doesn’t mean that your coverage is already completely guaranteed. Insurers can still deny a claim under the state’s authorized exclusions clause.

For instance, an insurer can deny a claim if the insured caused intentional injuries. They can also deny a claim if they find out that the claimant committed a felony that led to the injury.

While you may be a good customer who always pays your premiums on time, your insurer may still give you the run around when you file a claim. Remember, these are still businesses, and their goal is to reduce their losses as much as possible. If your insurer is disputing or denying your claim, it’s time to call an auto accident attorney in FL.

Your Insurer’s Payments are Too Low

Your insurer should reimburse 80% of the costs of all reasonable, medically-necessary services. These include the costs of medical, dental, rehabilitative, and surgical services. If the accident required an ambulance, your insurance should also cover its costs.

If your insurance company omits any of these from your benefits, they must explain why. In fact, they should explain in detail as to why they’ve reduced the reimbursement.

If your insurance company fails to do this, then you have every right to pursue a case against them. Contact an experienced Florida car accident attorney to help you build your case.

You Sustained Severe and Permanent Injuries

If your accident results in a serious injury and the other driver caused the crash, you can sue the other driver. However, the injury should be severe enough that it meets Florida’s “serious injury” threshold.

These include injuries that are permanent or have caused significant and permanent disfigurement. Permanent loss of a bodily function also falls within the threshold. A serious injury can also be in the form of a substantial disability of 90 days.

Some of the injuries that meet this threshold are spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Second- to third-degree burns, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries also qualify. Amputations are also considered to be “serious” and permanent disfigurement.

If you’ve sustained any of these injuries, you should pursue the other driver who was at fault. You can sue them with either a third-party liability or personal injury lawsuit. If you win, you may receive compensation for all your losses, including pain and suffering.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help build a strong case against the at-fault driver. With their in-depth knowledge of Florida’s car accident laws and research skills, you’ll have a higher chance of winning the case. They will also protect you from counterclaims made by the at-fault driver.

You’re Worried That You May Get Fired at Work

Unfortunately, there is no law in Florida that secures a victim’s job if they’ve been in an accident. Meaning, your employer can still fire you if you have to be on leave for a long time.

If your doctor tells you that you can’t go to work for weeks, then you may not have any work to go back to after. In this case, you should contact an experienced auto accident attorney. They can help you recover the wages you have lost (and will lose) as a result of the accident.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Florida As Soon as You Can After a Crash

As you can see, a car accident attorney in Florida can help you boost your chances of recovering your losses. They can help make sure that your insurer won’t find “loopholes” in your claim and dispute or deny it. They can also safeguard you from an at-fault driver’s false claims if you pursue them for causing severe injuries.

If you have been in a car crash, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Stratigakos Law can help. Get in touch with us now so we can help you recover your losses from a car accident!

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